REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES                                                                                    

The evaluation panel has completed their first review of all of the RFPs.  The findings from the Evaluation will be discussed with the Foundation’s Board. Unless. the Board decides that it needs to conduct in person interviews, there will be no further notifications until the NPS has approved the Foundation’s selection of an architect. 

Because the evaluation panel has its own review process, the Board has input into the selection and then the full Architect’s Proposal package must be forwarded to the National Park Service as set forth by the Department of Interior for the final qualification evaluation. 

 Only the Architects who needed to provide clarification  were contacted on August 19.

The Foundation appreciates the time and effort that each of you put in preparing each package.                                                     

Barbara Hicks Collins, Project Director:         504-237-4656                                                                            Email:bbhicks.collins@gmail.com